Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Happy Hump Day and Happy Birthday to Matt!! 
Check out Peas and Crayons to check out more foodies!

Old news...overnight oats with my favorite flavor of greek yogurt, apple cinnamon.  I had a busy morning at work and this baby kept me full for 3.5 hours.

Half a granolla bar and some veggies.  Notorious once again for eating halves of things. Matt loves it when I do that haha.

Turkey and cheese on a deli flat slathered with hummus and some spinach on top. Apple on the side.

Pre Volleyball Snack:
Pineapple, cottage cheese and apple butter.

Today our game was at 5:30, and even though it looked like it would rain at any moment, it didn't!! As always, we took the dog with us even though he is the worst dog ever when he is in the car.
But you can't deny he's freakin' cute!
Our volleyball game went pretty well.  We were down one person so we only had 5 people instead of 6 which hurt us a little. We lost all 3 games, but still had a good time.
Me and the bday boy after our game. 

And since we get home so late and I'm usually about to eat my left arm, we had some leftovers for dinner.
I made this recipe for quinoa with sauteed kale and goat cheese and added turkey sausage to it too.  I loved this recipe because I love goat cheese. It's pretty much my life source.  And a salad on the side for some veggies.

Dessert aka my favorite part of the day
Ok I know what you're thinking, this looks kind of gross.  But it's so good. I found this recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie's blog for the ultimate chocolate fudge pie, except I didn't make mine into a pie, I made it into chocolate mousse, stuck it into a container, and am eating it bit by bit for dessert each night. 
1 package tofu
1 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp agave nector
2 tbsp skim milk
10oz chocolate chips

You basically melt the chocolate and all the ingredients together in a food processor and blend.  My only issue....our food processor broke and I have a new one in the basement just waiting to be opened, but apparently it's bad luck to open wedding gifts before you are married.  SOOOO I used a potato masher lol.  That's why mine looks kind of grainy compared to katie's.   But it tastes AMAZING. You need to go out and make this right now.  According to katie's website, if you devide the mousse into 8 servings, it's only around 150 calories.  I've been eating it every night since sunday and I still have a lot left so I think it is way more than 8 servings all together. 



  1. Happy WIAW! Thanks for the link for the quinoa recipe! I am going to try it. :-)

    1. Your welcome! Hope you enjoy it!