Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where Is My Head??

Yesterday's post was cut short because my computer wouldn't let me write anything after I put the training plan in.  So, yesterday I did actually go for a very short run.  My butt has been killing since the workout I did on Sunday.  There is a path outside my work that is 1.7 miles long, so I ran it twice.  When I first started, my legs were not feeling it, but I eventually got into the swing of things I actually started going pretty fast....for me that is. 

Today, Matt and I went out to dinner with his parents for a belated father's day celebration.  I did some research and found a good short workout on fitness magazine's website to do.  You can find the workout in more detail at this website. 

It started out with the plank, row and flye.  The lightest weight I had was 8lbs, so the flye was definitely challenging.  First you do the row, come back to the ground, then do the fly and come back to the ground.
Scorpion Extension: Backwards lunge + a tricep extension = ouch my triceps

Tap and Curl: Pretty much a one legged deadlift with a bicep curl. Hurts my ars every time.

One Arm Snatch: One of my new favorite moves. Makes me feel like I actually am a legitimate weight lifter...until I look in the mirror and see how rediculous I look lol.

Dumbbell Slide: Wasn't the biggest fan of this move. Kind of like a crab walk in a squat position. 

she looks like she's having a good time though hahah

Wraparound: Love this move. I did 20 reps and my abs were burning by the end.  Go up into a V and then switch the weight from hand to hand around your leg that is extended.

Cheerleader Lunge:  Backwards lunge plus a one armed overhead press. 

Two Way Wood Chop: always a goodie

I went through these moves twice and then stretched....a lot.  Tomorrow is going to rediculously hot here.  We're talking in the 100's and we have a double header in volleyball.  That means two hours of volleyball in the sweltering heat!  I'm hoping we can make it though. 

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