Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend Recap and Weekly Plan

Hey everyone, so sad the weekend is almost over.  Matt and I didn't have too much planned for this weekend, so it wasn't too busy.  We realized that we really don't know what to do when we aren't busy. Basically, we don't know how to relax...awesome haha.
I woke up Saturday morning around 7:00, ate a banana and some peanut butter and then drove to Glasgow Park to run my 4 miles before it got too hot.  When I first started, it wasn't too bad.  Once I got to mile 3 I was really feeling the heat. I'm so glad I wore my water belt. That thing was a life saver.
Oh yea look at that arm sweat.  My average pace was 9:38.  My legs felt really good, but I definitely realized that I'll need to slow my roll a bit with how hot it's been this summer. I miss those cool  spring and fall days!
Keeping my face shaded as usual!

For lunch on Saturday I copied a recipe I found on Tina's Blog.  She made a sweet potato quesadilla that looked amazing.  I stuffed my quesadilla with mashed sweet potato, black beans, spinach leaves and cheddar cheese.  So good!  I've really been craving sweet potatoes so this really hit the spot.
Believe it or not, this was not the last time I ate a quesadilla this weekend.  I'll get to that later.  My dinner on Saturday was also...interesting. I knew I wanted eggs so I just put some veggies and eggs in a pan.  Then I found this in the fridge:
Sure it says best if used by april 21...whatever haha.
Guac on eggs wasn't half bad. 

Matt and I watched the olympic trials for gymnastics, swimming and track the rest of the night, along with his sister and her husband for company!  Then we passed out:
Champ's new favorite spot to take a nap.  My favorite spot to drop all my shit. Matt's a saint for living with my messy self.

Sunday morning I started out with a random stregth workout. I pretty much took three different workouts I've done in the past and combined my favorite parts making for a 45 minute workout at home.  My favorite part of the workout was using the barbell that Matt's parent's let us borrow.  It might be from 1960, but it works just the same.  I weighed the bar this morning and it is 20lbs. I added 5lbs to each side for both my deadlifts and squats.
I swear this is actually 30lbs and not 5 haha. It really looks like nothhing.  After my workout Matt and I headed to the lake for the afternoon to get some sun.
squinty Matt

After the lake we ran some errands to get ready for our 4th of July BBQ.  Then I  got started on dinner....more quesadillas. I cooked up some chicken sausage for the filling along with some green peppers, onions, black beans and spinach.
YUM.  I think this one was a little better than the sweet potato one.
I'm changing my sched around a bit since we have Wednesday off for the 4th. I'll be doing my long run Wednesday instead of Saturday.
Monday: 3 miles and abs
Thuesday: rest/yoga/pilates
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: Stregth and Crosstrain
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: 3 miles and strength

Week 2 will give me 14 miles!

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