Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ouch My Foot!

Today started out....well very interestingly.  We have oil heat here and last night the oil ran out.  We made it through the night without freezing but getting ready in the morning I was miserable.  I do not do well with cold.  Even Champ was cold so we put his scarf on.
Manly men wear camo!

I think I was so flustered when I left the house that I forgot my lunch!  I ran home during one of my 30 minute incubations (thank goodness I live close to work) because I worked really hard the night before trying to think of something differnet to eat for lunch.  Different than my usual. This is what I came up with.
I cooke up some whole wheat pasta, carrots, snap peas and green pepper and then added some egg whites and cheese in at the end. YUM!!

AND THEN IT HAPPENED.  So I'm sitting at my desk, I go to get up and think "ow my foot really hurts." Awesome.  My foot has been so good the last 2 months, and now the pain is back...and I didn't even do anything! Bah! This afternoon as I was hobbling around at work I decided to call the podiatrist and make an appointment for this Friday.  Fingers crossed that he doesn't tell me I can't run.  That would be the worst. 

Since my foot was bothering me I decided just to go for a walk with the dog today after work.  It was soooo nice out today I couldn't just sit inside.
We walked 2.5 miles around the hood. 

Then I started on dinner. On the menu tonight, our favorite black bean burgers.  For some reason they turned out huge and extra mooshy this time around.  But they still tasted good.
Sweet potato fries on the side.  Baked them at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and sprinkled them with salt, pepper and cinnamon.  After dinner Matt and I watched an episode of weeds. I wasn't sure if I would like it (since I'm not a pothead) but I actually really do.  We needed to find another show to watch since we are done with Lost and Dexter.  Then it was time for a snack.
I chopped up a pear and then topped it with one spoonfull each of apple butter, natural chunky peanut butter and plain nonfat greek yogurt.  I'm in love with this combo. 

I'm going to head to the gym tomorrow but stick to low impact activities like lifting and the stationary bike.  Time to go ice my foot!

If anyone has ever had pain around the joint of their big toe I would love some feedback. 

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