Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Proof That I'm A Grazer

Today I really did graze all day. I ate 6 small meald today which is not unusual for me.
Breakfast: 6:30am
1/3 cup old fashionede oats, 1 container apple cinnamon nonfat greek yogurt (amazing by the way), splash of milk, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 tsp wheat germ with a spoonfull of almond butter, craisins and granolla on the top.

Mid Morning Snack: 10am
An apple and a half of a kashi granolla bar left over from yesterday

Lunch: 11:45am
whole wheat pasta, homeade falafel (fail), snow peas, carrots, and carrots.
mini 100 calorie cliff bar. obsessed with these lately

Pre-Workout Snack 2:30pm (hate being hungry at the gym)
banana and handfull of utz pretzels

I went to the gym and took it very easy on my foot. I did about a half hour of weights concentrating more on my arms and abs and then I hopped on the stationary bike and then the eliptical for a total of 35 minutes. 

Dinner 5:30pm:
Leftover arctic char from Sunday night with brussel sprouts and rice

Snack 7:30pm
cut up pear with a scoop of nonfat greek yogurt, apple butter, peanut butter and crumbled cliff bar

Now that's a lot of meals.  Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. I'm the same way with eating! 6-7 meals every day because I love snacking!