Sunday, March 18, 2012

Break Out The Grill Baby!

This morning I woke up determined to get my butt to the gym.  I have been going light on my weight training the past weeks to keep my legs fresh for my little 5k! But, my legs had other plans in mind.  My left hip has been bothering me since the race. Nothing major I don't think but I've been icing it today.  I did make it to the gym, but I tried to stick to low impact activities.  I started out with a short weights workout including squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and ab work on the stability ball. I also included some of these:
Lying tricep extension.  I really like this exercise because it not only works your arms but also your abs to keep you stable. I finished off my workout with 45 minutes of cardio split between the bike and the eliptical.  It was a struggle I'm not going to lie.  My body was tired but I wanted to finish. 

I spent the rest of my day procrasinating doing wedding stuff.  I am not one of those brides that loves crafting 24 hours a day so that their wedding is flawless. I'm one of those brides who just wants to get married already so I can go to St. Lucia and don't feel like making more lace lanterns and cute signs. JoAnn fabrics scares me, and I need more lace fabric. I think the people there come from another planet.

After taking champ for a walk, cleaning the house, and reading the Hunger Games book 2 it was just about time for dinner. Matt and I looked at the weather earlier in the week and thought it would be the perfect day to break out the grill for our frist bbq of the year :)  I picked up some steak, veggies and potatoes for our meal.
Steak, onion and gren pepper. I eventually brushed some bbq sauce on them too.

Red potato that I later mixed with olive oil, salt, pepper and old bay and then wrapped up and put on the grill for 10 minutes per side.

Then did the same thing with some brussel sprouts and zucchini.

Manning the grill!

Begging for scraps.

We obviously didn't go too hard last night (my stomach was having none of it) so we had some drinks along with dinner!

Holy cow now that's a lot of food. I finished about half haha. But seriously, best brussel sprouts ever.

Next time I'm dousing the potatoes with old bay because I could barely taste it and I love old bay!

Ok time to get back to my book! Can't stop reading!

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