Thursday, March 8, 2012

Record Breaking Day!

My day started out just like any other.  A bowl of overnight oats for breakfast, and then off to work.  It was freakishly warm out today, in the 70s, so I decided that it was the perfect day for my first cup of iced coffee.
my morning snack

I'm obsessed with my random quinoa lunch creations lately
Be warned, I ate half of this before I took the picture. I was super hungry. In the mix I have carrots, zucchini, broccoli, snap peas, quinoa, roasted chickpeas, and blue cheese.
grapes on the side

As soon as I got home from work it was time to leave for my second wedding dress fitting!  We made some final decisions on what jewelry I'm going to be wearing and my made of honor and mom got to learn how to do the bustle.  After a few more adjustments I was headed home for dinner. I was starving so I made a really quick egg white sandwich with spinach, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese with a heated up banana on the side.

Then it was time to check my blogs! That's when I saw it....


(My face)

This is a lot of views for my little blog and I was so excited I ran right over to Matt to show him. 

I'm so glad I took off from work tomorrow because I have so much to do. My day will be starting out with a workout at the gym.  My friend Stef is coming with me.  She asked me to give her a little training session and I am totally pumped! This could be my second calling afterall. 

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