Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Runner and First Time Curry Cooker

Matt and I talked last night and we both agreed that we wanted to go to glasgow park to run today.  Glasgow has a big loop that is 2.6 miles around and we both wanted to try and do two laps.  Matt is finally recovering for his foot injury and I haven't really run further than four miles since my 10k back in November...oops.  I was a little sore from my workout yesterday, but overall I was feeling good.  I had it set in my head that I wanted to just have a "leisurely" run.  My first mile I finished in 9.00.  I told myself to slow down but I was feeling good.  I ended up keeping my 9 minute pace the whole time which is actually faster than my pace that I ran for my 10k!
5.2 miles in 46.56.  Matt kicked my butt finishing with a 7.30 off

Then it was time for lunch:
egg white omlet with aspargus, zucchini, spinach and cheese
I also had a bowl of pineapple and grapes with cottage cheese and apple butter on top.

Post picture I also had some dry cereal afterwards b/c I was still hungry.

After lunch I started a new book!
I really want to finish the book before I see the movie and I know it's coming out soon.

Before I knew it it was time for dinner.  I wanted to try something new tonight and found this recipe for Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp and was sold.  The only changes I made were that I didn't have fish sauce so I just used soy sauce and I added some frozen chopped bell peppers to the mix for some more veggies.  It was one of the quickest recipes I've ever made and it turned out so good.  It even got Matt's stamp of approval.
served over brown rice

My curry on the left, Matt's curry on the right. 

I'm sad the weekend is over, but I only have a 4 day work week ahead of me! I am taking off on Friday to prepare for my bachelorette party! Cannot wait!

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