Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fun

I started out my day off with a yummy breakfast. 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup almond milk, cinnamon, craisins, cut up apple, scoop peanut butter and chia seeds

Then I as off to the grocery store.  It was one of my better tips considering most people were at work today! When I got home Matt and I unloaded the groceries and then headed to the gym for a quick hour workout.  I started with 30 minutes of weights work concentrating on my arms and abs because my butt is killing me from my workout yesterday.  Then I moved on to 30 minutes of cardio split between the bike and the eliptical.  On each machine I varied the intensity level by sprinting for 20 seconds and then working at a normal effort for 1 minute.  This helps me get through a sometimes boring cardio workout.

When we got home I was starving, on the edge of scary hungry Megan.
I made an egg white omlet with spinach, black beans and cheddar cheese with a cup of chobani and some pretzels and apple butter on the side.
I love to eat eggs on the weekend if you haven't noticed.

After some down time Matt and I went to the movie theater so I could finaly see The Hunger Games!!! I loved it!!! I'm currently on book 3 and can't wait to see the rest of the movies. Matt even liked it and he's never read the books.  After the movie we went out to dinner at on of our favorite places, AquaSol.
I got the half portion of the teriyaki salmon with aspargus wrapped in prociutto on the side.

I was feeling like bottomless pit today when it came to food and was really craving some ice cream.  I decided to treat myself to a mini blizzard from DQ.
I love the mini blizzard. As Matt would put it "it's Megan sized." lol.  It hit the spot. I should never go this long without eating ice cream ever again.

So happy that I still have 2 days left in my weekend :)

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