Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hikes and Crafting

When Matt and I woke up this morning we were both pretty sore from our workouts this week. We decided to take it easy and take Champ to a local park for a hike. 
On our way!!

When all was said and done we hiked 3.5 miles in just over an hour!  I was beat when we got home, but I had some wedding stuff on the agenda for today.  First off I finished my candy buffet sign by stringing it all together and doing a test hang in our kitchen.

Then I moved on to signs for the back of our chairs during the reception.

These took me a few hours.  After I was done I was definitely in need of a break.  Matt and I met our friend for a quick game of mini golf.  I didn't take many pictures, only one...
My hole in one!! I'm purple, obviously. Mini golf can be a dangerous sport for those around me.  I have come close to taking out a competitor or two with a rogue ball.  I am well known for being super competative and mini golf is no different. When Matt and I were on spring break my sophomore year of college we went to play mini golf with some friends.  I was winning for the first half of the game and then I started losing and I was not happy. I may have taken an aggessive swing at the ball and it may have almost hit my friend in the head...oops. We finished the game today with no injuries, thank you very much.

And the food highlight of my day was lunch: black bean, spinach and cheese quesadilla with lots of hummus for dipping.

Matt and I are just sitting down for some wine and a movie. We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow!

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