Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey everyone! Just one more day to go until the end of the week!  Today was definitely a success because I had a great run after work. I was worried about the heat with it being in the 90s, so I decided to go music-less and carry a water bottle with my keys instead.  I actually liked running without my music today which I usually hate.  I did however learn my lesson about keeping my gym bag in my car all day:
Melted deodorant. Gross.  I really need to remember to bring my bag in with me to work. 
My Splits: 
Mile 1: 9.49
Mile 2: 9.46
Mile 3: 9.34
Mile 4: 9.29
Average pace: 9.40

When I got home I made the quickest dinner I could think of.  Shrimp Coconut Curry!!!
Shrimp, lots of veggies and brown rice in a yummy thai coconut curry sauce.

After dinner I was feeling a little antsy, so I randomly decided to do this ab workout that I found on pinterest. You do each move 25 times and by then end you reach 300 reps. My abs were on fire!! But it felt great when I finished!

Just so you all know, starbucks is handing out free samples of their new drink tomorrow, the Starbucks Refresher! I'm intrigued. It's made with green coffee beans, but doesn't taste like coffee.  I'm willing to try anything if it's free!
Think I'm going to go with the verry berry hibiscus.  Thehy are pretty low in calories too. I think I saw on their website that a grande is around 70 calories.  They are caffeinated like coffee, but taste fruity. YUM.

Off to go pour myself a glass of wine. Man am I my father's daughter. 

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