Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trying To Find My Stride

I started my morning off right with a big old smoothy!
In the mix:
1/2 frozen banana
1 container vanilla chobani
coconut milk

YUM.  The rest of my day flew by. Before I knew it I was off to Glasgow Park for my long run of the week. I had 6 miles to do and I was determined to do them well. The first 3 miles went by really fast. Then I got HOT.  I got lucky that the sun wasn't out, but the humidity was there to stay.  I stopped every couple of miles to chug some water from my water belt. 
Mile 1: 9.59
Mile 2: 9.44
Mile 3: 9.47
Mile 4: 9.41
Mile 5: 10.00 (having issues with my Garmin)
Mile 6: 9.48

At mile 5 I had some issues with my Garmin. It kept saying lap error. So I ended up having to stop and reset my watch for a new run for my last mile.

When I finished I was kind of feeling like crap. My hips were really tight.  I'm did some major stretching when I got home. And took a long shower to get rid of my sweat.
Leg Sweat. Yum

When I got home, dinner was already ready to go thanks to our crockpot.
Pot roast with carrots and fingerling potatoes.

salad on the side

I'm hoping that next week's long run goes a little better than this weeks.  But at least I finished!

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